Magnet Reflective Light Bulb Car Decorations

USD $40.99USD $80.99

These Magnet Reflective Light Bulb Car Decorations shine like real bulbs in the sun or under the light. You’ll be able to make your car one of the happiest and shiniest places on the road by using these Christmas car decorations.


Premium Quality Magnets – The 22 mil premium magnet is made of a special type and is easy to put on, adjust and remove, so it won’t damage your car’s surface. They are thin enough not to obstruct your vision, but thick enough to stick and durable under all weather conditions.
Honeycomb Reflective Tech – Designed with honeycomb reflective technology, they provide high visibility at night and keep you safe!

Designed with rich and vibrant colors – These magnets will show off your holiday spirit and create a warm and joyful atmosphere.The product can be applied to any metal surface, including cars, refrigerators, metal doors, garage doors, lockers at school, mailboxes, file cabinets, etc.


  • Bulb Magnet: Length-Width 3.94″X1.96″
  • Linear Magnet: Length 7.87″
  • Christmas Patches:


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24 Bulbs + 12 Lines, 4 Christmas Patches + 12 Bulbs + 12 Lines, 48 Bulbs + 24 Lines, 8 Christmas Patches +12 Bulbs + 12 Lines


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Magnet Reflective Light Bulb Car Decorations
USD $40.99USD $80.99
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