Solar Powered Motion Activated Chipmunk Sprinkler

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Keep Your Garden Safe with the Solar-Powered Chipmunk Sprinkler

Protect your garden from unwanted visitors with the Solar-Powered Chipmunk Sprinkler. This innovative device isn’t just a sprinkler; it’s your eco-friendly solution to deter chipmunks and other critters from causing havoc in your outdoor space. Whether you’re a dedicated gardener, someone tired of critters digging up your yard, or simply looking for a humane way to keep your garden safe, this chipmunk sprinkler offers effective and eco-conscious protection.

Guard Your Garden, the Eco-Friendly Way Introducing a chipmunk sprinkler that not only waters your garden but also safeguards it from pesky intruders, all while operating on clean solar energy.


  • Motion-Activated: The sprinkler is equipped with motion sensors that detect chipmunks and other pests, activating a brief but harmless burst of water to deter them.
  • Solar-Powered: This eco-friendly device harnesses the power of the sun to operate, reducing your carbon footprint while effectively protecting your garden.
  • Wide Coverage: With a 120-degree motion sensor and adjustable range, it covers a substantial area, making it suitable for gardens of all sizes.
  • Humane Deterrence: The gentle spray of water provides a humane way to deter chipmunks, keeping them away from your plants without causing harm.
  • Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, this chipmunk sprinkler is designed to last and perform reliably.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up the sprinkler is hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy garden protection without complicated installation.

Guard your garden from chipmunk intruders and other pests while embracing eco-conscious living with the Solar-Powered Chipmunk Sprinkler. Enjoy a thriving garden, undisturbed by critters, thanks to the power of clean, renewable energy.


120? Sensor movement detection

Spray Angle: 300?

Adjustable induction distance: 1~, 3~6m, 6~10m

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Solar Powered Motion Activated Chipmunk Sprinkler
USD $179.99 Original price was: USD $179.99.USD $89.99Current price is: USD $89.99.
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