Ultrasonic Snake Repeller

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Tired of unwelcome snake visitors in your outdoor spaces? Introducing the Ultrasonic Snake Repeller, a powerful solution designed to deter snakes from your surroundings. Combining ultrasonic technology and a flashing light, this device creates an environment that snakes find uncomfortable, encouraging them to seek alternative areas. Enjoy a snake-free environment and ensure the safety of your family and pets.


Snake Deterrence: The ultrasonic waves and flashing light emitted by this repeller disrupt the sensory preferences of snakes, compelling them to leave the area.

Flashing Light Enhancement: The integrated LED light adds an extra layer of deterrence, as snakes are naturally wary of sudden and bright light flashes.

Wide Coverage: This repeller effectively covers a generous area, protecting your garden, lawn, yard, and other outdoor spaces.

Solar-Powered Efficiency: Powered by solar panels, this repeller operates autonomously, harnessing the sun’s energy during the day for night-time operation.

Easy Installation: Stake the repeller into the ground or mount it on a wall, fence, or tree. No intricate setup is required.

Humane and Safe: This repeller does not harm snakes but rather encourages them to move away from the area, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly approach.


  • Repellent Type: Ultrasonic waves and flashing LED light
  • Power Source: Solar-powered with rechargeable batteries
  • Coverage Area: Up to 6000 square feet
  • Suitable Use: Gardens, lawns, yards, outdoor areas

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Ultrasonic Snake Repeller with Flashing Light
  • 1 x Mounting bracket with screws
  • 1 x Ground stake

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Ultrasonic Snake Repeller
USD $99.99 Original price was: USD $99.99.USD $49.99Current price is: USD $49.99.
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