Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller PACK of 4 – Get Rid Of Squirrels In 72 Hours

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Experience a Pest-Free Environment with the Pest Destruct Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller

Safeguard your home from unwanted pests with the Pest Destruct Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller, an innovative solution that utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology to repel squirrels and other rodents without harming them or your family. This effective device emits high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans and pets, but intolerable to pests, causing them to flee and seek refuge elsewhere.


  • Safe and Humane Pest Control: Unlike harmful chemicals and traps, the Pest Destruct Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller is completely safe for children and pets, providing peace of mind for families.

  • Effective Pest Repellent: Repels squirrels, mice, rats, flies, bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, and cockroaches, creating a pest-free environment for your home and family.

  • Easy to Use: Simply plug the device into an outlet and place it in an open area, covering an area of up to 800 square feet. No additional setup or maintenance required.

  • Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: Employs powerful ultrasonic waves that target the biological receptors of pests, effectively disrupting their communication and causing them to flee.

  • Silent Operation: The ultrasonic waves emitted by the device areinaudible to humans and pets, ensuring undisturbed sleep and peaceful living.


  • Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ

  • Power: 2.5W

  • Output Audio: 20-65KHz

  • Coverage: 100 to 800 square feet, with no obstacles in front of the device that may obstruct the ultrasonic waves.

Embrace a Pest-Free Home

Protect your home from unwanted pests and create a peaceful, pest-free environment with the Pest Destruct Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller. This innovative device offers a safe, effective, and convenient solution for pest control, ensuring your family’s comfort and well-being.

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Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller PACK of 4 - Get Rid Of Squirrels In 72 Hours
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